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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Royal Mail modernising

 Royal Mail has taken a big step forward in attempting to stop fraudulent issues and now adds additional datamatrix security codes to its second class Machin stamps.

Where these will appear in stamp issues from Royal Mail in the future seems uncertain but please read the Norvic article linked below to get a much more descriptive idea of what is happening.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Dealing with social media

Apologies for the absence but due to matters arising from social media I have basically had to start from scratch on all platforms across the digital spectrum.
Whoever had a vendetta against my postings was very good at infiltration techniques on my network.

I have now started to follow on Twitter and Facebook again so sorry if you were able to see me dropping off and on these platforms or not getting a response from me.

My assisting role of publicity for the MBPC is like extracting teeth from a tiger but I am not prepared to give up yet.

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Publicity for the Modern British Philatelic Society

 My apologies for the lack of posts but I have taken on the role mentioned beforehand in a post and I have been working in the background as to how I can get publicity to work in a creative way for the MBPC (Modern British Philatelic Society).

For all things philatelic within modern British stamps I can do no more than recommend the MBPC website and a membership of nine pounds (£9) which is a bargain in these days of high pricing.

Sunday, 8 November 2020

New times and a new project

 As some of you are aware I have been banging the drum so to speak about some philatelic organisations not using modern media to enhance their information or product and get it out there to the masses.

For fear of repeating myself the one thing this pandemic has shown is that there are a mass of stamp collectors out there who want to learn and have been to shy to ask.

I suppose it is wrong to assume that but you don't here about stamp collectors until you have a quiet conversation with someone and the hobby gets mentioned in passing, people do not exactly shout about it.

But as Graham at Exploring Stamps, James Gavin at The Digital Philatelist and Gerard McCulloch at The Punk Philatelist have found there are literally hundreds of stamp collectors out there who were waiting for a programme, blog or You Tube video that allayed their fears and allowed them to contribute and ask those questions that many were reluctant to ask in case of looking stupid.

Now I am a member of a society / circle that studies and collects modern British stamps mainly in the Maychin and stamp booklet area of the hobby. Every new and past issue of modern British stamp (read QE II) is discussed and analysed and such side subjects as security, paper types and all other matters are written about.

I have to be honest when I came back to the hobby in the last year I never knew there was so much to learn about a certain issue of new stamps or all that went into the production of said items.

Now I am hooked and for £9 pounds, yes just nine pounds for a membership fee I have all the information about these issues right back to the early Wildings made available to me. A whole new dimension had opened up and from that I discovered the Deegam Catalogue and far too many other matters to mention here.

Therefore below you will find the links to the characters and societies mentioned above and I request that you explore and discover this new world of information.  Modern British Philatelic Circle also on You Tube at

Friday, 30 October 2020

The futures bright the futures Philately

 As a hobby Philately has picked up the mantle and is running with modern communications such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in a much enlarged way and as a result has brought itself to the forefront of the myriad of collection hobbies.

Long my it last, although the British element is very reserved in its output.

In the meantime I will post on here at the weekend links to the best of these.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Virtual Stampex

 Virtual Stampex is over and claimed by many to be a huge success. I agree to a certain extent but there still appears to me to be a lot of Philatelists who are not catered for.

In this regard Graham at Exploring Stamps on You Tube has just posted an excellent video along with James Gavin "The Digital Philatelist" and Gerard more well known in our circles as the "Punk Philatelist". James explains in this upload much more eloquently than I can about the above subject.

Link is here.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The band Queen issue

Royal mail have issued a commemorative stamp set for the band Queen and for a change I believe to be one of the more worthy and well put together issues for some time.
Good to see John Deacon get some limelight as well he is /was the most underated member of the group.
There are presentation packs, FDC's, sets, coins proofs in fact the full range over on the Royal Mail website.

Royal Mail modernising

 Royal Mail has taken a big step forward in attempting to stop fraudulent issues and now adds additional datamatrix security codes to its se...