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Monday, 27 April 2020

A request

A request, could someone point me in the direction of a printable article listing the issuing of Wildings over the years of their existence and if possible your recommendation of the best reference site for collecting King George V Colonial stamps ( I hope I have worded that correctly).

Sunday, 26 April 2020

A newcomers view Part 3.

Well Part 1 certainly did everything I wanted it to, it sparked debate and thought into what I consider a great hobby but in certain areas fails to promote itself.
All of the comments have come from my criticism of the RPSL website and the fact that I highlighted certain aspects of the website although some thought it was a cheap shot at the members which it was not.
The RPSL is an august and good body of people practising their expertise for the benefit of others, its Royal Patronage alone justifies its inclusion here (being a supporter of the monarchy myself) but why oh why is it not promoting itself.
The whole point of my article or post was that did this appeal to newcomers and all members of society in other words be inclusive.
We all want Philately to do well and expand therefore may I be as bold as to suggest 

1. The social media links are made slightly smaller and placed on the opening page.
2. Donate is changed to "Support Us"
3. A scrolling Philately news feed (could be Twitter or any gatherer of the societies choice) is placed on the opening page to catch the eye.
4. The library image should be of the library only no people or if people how about some under 18's of all creeds.
5. A membership block on the opening page.
6. A youth section with its own block on the opening page.
7. Keep all Her Majesty's pictures prominent where they are she is an important link to the past, present and future of the society.
8. The dress code is fine for meetings how about some people practicing the hobby in a more relaxed way.
9. Be able to fill in a sponsored membership form online and get a response in a month not three months then pay your fee online.

As stated above these are only my thoughts for attracting more people into the fold. I have also taken into account that the RPSL is a charity with Royal Patronage but I believe none of the above break any rules legal or otherwise.

I should also add that I am an old curmudgeon of 65years (just ask my partner) but my grandchildren are pushing me into the digital era and I have woken up and realised it is the way to go.

As before all reasoned and pleasant comments I will try and respond to.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

When you start and look into things....

Well thanks to a really good blog and some advice it offers I have become faintly aware of the complexity and interesting history of the issuing of Machins and Wildings.
Therefore on sifting through my overwhelming collection I am now removing and sorting Military Uniforms, Railways, Machins and Wildings.

Along with some of the above are of course security codes and regional issues which add to the interest, so lots of discoveries to be made at Googles web pages.
Oh and did I mention the articles on Norvic Philatelics site to read. Oh and the MBPC website and all those wonderful places as listed in previous posts.
Might have time to sleep at some point 😎

Blogs, Twitter and social media 2

Below are some more links to websites and blogs of interest in the Philatelic world. If you feel one has been missed please let me know to get them added.

Here are some societies worth a mention

On Twitter some to follow are

There are many others please let me know to add them on.

It seems to have caused a debate

My post regarding a newcomers view of various web sites within the hobby seems to have generated some responses especially towards my thoughts on the RPSL.
This can only be a good thing, debate is crucial in this society and I am only to happy to converse with people by any platform to discuss the state of philately and these platforms can include Skype, Zoom or face to face when the Covid -19 matter allows although that could be a long wait for us slightly older members of society.
I will also admit that this blog could be construed as someone hiding behind a screen but that is not my way of doing things if wanted I can contact by all the methods above if requested.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Blogs, Twitter, You Tube and social media

Well in the spare time I have had this weekend (it might be lockdown but it still seems busy) I have been researching the use of social media to promote philately.
Never having used social media seriously apart from there is a lot to take in.
Here are some blogs I recommend which are in no particular order.

On You Tube

Exploring Stamps 

American Philatelic Society

On Twitter

On discovering more I shall post Part 2.

Friday, 17 April 2020

A newcomers view Part 2.

Well after the previous post what an improvement when I visited the websites of the


 National Philatelic Society.  

Firstly from them emanates UK Philately and the Association of British Philatelic Societies with good website presence. Although social media does not figure much if at all, at least there is plenty of information and good guidance on the UK Philately site.

There is a young collectors section.

Membership area is clearly labelled.

A more welcoming approach.

Unfortunately it is a downloadable membership form to be sent in with a cheque.

The membership application is dealt with promptly upon receipt.

Offers a magazine as part of its membership called "Stamp Lover"


Still a vast improvement on the RPSL but still no social media contact.


Next up

Great Britain Philatelic Society.

Again a reasonable website presence with social media links although none of this is intuitive or works well. Good information on Great Britain stamps is available and if you are into GB collecting some extremely serious advice available.

You can join online and pay by card !!!!  Well done GBPS the first one I found initially.

Offers a magazine as part of its membership called "The GB Journal".


There are others but I wish to jump (possibly unfairly) if I may to the

American Philatelic Society

Well if you are a stamp collector this is the place to go and possibly join!!!

It offers

News pages and articles.

All the advice you could want.

It promotes youth into the hobby

It has a membership form which you can email on return to join.

A 100 page monthly magazine.

The site is presented in such a way that it is like a breath of fresh air compared to some.

It has a great You Tube presence and the other social media outlets. The APS Stamp Talk series on You Tube is particularly worthy of watching.

It clearly has some members who understand the future and where it needs to go to keep in touch with the modern world.

All round a good place to visit.


Next on the hit list is a post on websites and blogs worth visiting.

A newcomers view Part 1.

When I first came to this pastime a few weeks ago I initially did a certain amount of research as to what was essential information that I needed to catch up on after approximately 50 years absence and which social media sites offered a form of "bang for buck" value in terms of acquiring information.
What initially struck me was even as a sixty five year old how technology had left the top of the hobby behind, was it just in the UK?
Now I have worked in the comms industry alongside the military for some years but in no way am I an expert but at least they use social media to promote and expand.
So here are some of my main gripes as I see to what is turning people away or not joining philately.

I initially went to the main authorities to see about membership and learning values, below are some of my thoughts.


The Royal Philatelic Society London

You open the site page and the first thing that struck me was a donate button, so I thought that's good they are donating to our NHS in these difficult times. No your donating to them for the future !

There is no mention of a membership structure on the front. This is further in on another page.

You have to print a form off and send it in to join. No modern option available.

There is no mention of a youth section. Membership is for 18 years or over only.

Is there a youth section or associated group. No.

What about social media? Does not appear or is not immediately visible.

All the initial images show members in formal dress and settings, no relaxation of these. We live in 2020 now and formal dress is ok at the right time for the right visit so please relax to encourage others to board.

Oh I nearly forgot that you need a proposer and seconder from the society to join and it ONLY takes three months for them to decide whether you meet the criteria.


So my initial impression was they obviously only want you to join a local club and society and are not interested in young members, those of us who are returning to the hobby or the ordinary collector.

And I shall go further if the hobby is to be promoted it needs to start at the top with others following that leadership, therefore I can only conclude they ( RPSL) are not interested. What an opportunity they are missing.

I understand that it is granted a Royal patronage but you have to move with the times they seem oblivious to this.

If anyone disagrees with this please contact me to have a constructive discussion, oh and also have a look at what the American Philatelic Society are doing to promote the hobby it puts the above to shame in many ways.

Post number 2 on this subject will appear soon.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Firstly find a series 2

Originally I was going to post the following text but as can be seen from the previous post below I got distracted by the summons incident.
So returning to the original theme I have decided to approach two themes to collect stamps in which relate to hobbies that I already have a interest in, these being Military Uniforms and Railways.
The military uniforms comes from my Napoleonic Wargames hobby and the Railways from my existing interest in British and Continental Rail.

I will be opening new albums for these collections tonight and will hopefully update you to the progress of these as this blog continues.

Unfortunately all this work may be undone by my next planned post on here which covers some contentious points to do with the hobby seen from a newcomers point of view. But this article may create some necessary discussion into how to get people of all ages interested in this great pastime.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

First find a series

As I start to wade my way through the project this morning at about 10 minutes in I have come across this Summons Letter for British Guiana dated 1891.

It states that Margaret Burus of New Amsterdam kept a dog to which she did not have the required license and that she is to appear in court at 10.30 on the 1st of July 1891.
It has with it a 1 Dollar Black revenue stamp and a summary Jurisdiction stamp. The 1 Dollar Black stamp is said to be rare according to Google sources but its value does not reflect that fact.
Still an interesting document from the past, and if anyone knows more about this please leave a comment below.

Monday, 13 April 2020

A new start

I last collected stamps as a fifteen year old in 1969 but like most youngsters within a year I had a job and found other pleasures in life.
Then very recently two days after I retired I was offered the chance to obtain two stamp collections that someone had bought off a well known bidding site. For some reason I said yes.
Now had I taken time to assess the enormity of the task in front of me I might have said no.
Below are the images of the two collections many of which, although the albums are labelled, are not sorted apart from the newly labelled GB items that I have put together in the last two weeks.

On top of this selection came four drawers of loose sheets and packets of all sorts of stamps and FDC's as below, I have not explored this area yet.

So at the moment I am learning as much as I can from Google etc, a whole host of philatelic sites plus starting to work my way through the albums first, and to see if I can be selective in just covering specific areas such as King George V and Empire. I have also obtained through ebay the catalogues below to assist.

Out of interest the first loose stamp to fall out of the mass when delivered was this item.

I will keep you updated as I go and to be fair what I have done so far I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Dealing with social media

Apologies for the absence but due to matters arising from social media I have basically had to start from scratch on all platforms across th...