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Friday, 17 April 2020

A newcomers view Part 2.

Well after the previous post what an improvement when I visited the websites of the


 National Philatelic Society.  

Firstly from them emanates UK Philately and the Association of British Philatelic Societies with good website presence. Although social media does not figure much if at all, at least there is plenty of information and good guidance on the UK Philately site.

There is a young collectors section.

Membership area is clearly labelled.

A more welcoming approach.

Unfortunately it is a downloadable membership form to be sent in with a cheque.

The membership application is dealt with promptly upon receipt.

Offers a magazine as part of its membership called "Stamp Lover"


Still a vast improvement on the RPSL but still no social media contact.


Next up

Great Britain Philatelic Society.

Again a reasonable website presence with social media links although none of this is intuitive or works well. Good information on Great Britain stamps is available and if you are into GB collecting some extremely serious advice available.

You can join online and pay by card !!!!  Well done GBPS the first one I found initially.

Offers a magazine as part of its membership called "The GB Journal".


There are others but I wish to jump (possibly unfairly) if I may to the

American Philatelic Society

Well if you are a stamp collector this is the place to go and possibly join!!!

It offers

News pages and articles.

All the advice you could want.

It promotes youth into the hobby

It has a membership form which you can email on return to join.

A 100 page monthly magazine.

The site is presented in such a way that it is like a breath of fresh air compared to some.

It has a great You Tube presence and the other social media outlets. The APS Stamp Talk series on You Tube is particularly worthy of watching.

It clearly has some members who understand the future and where it needs to go to keep in touch with the modern world.

All round a good place to visit.


Next on the hit list is a post on websites and blogs worth visiting.

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