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Sunday, 26 April 2020

A newcomers view Part 3.

Well Part 1 certainly did everything I wanted it to, it sparked debate and thought into what I consider a great hobby but in certain areas fails to promote itself.
All of the comments have come from my criticism of the RPSL website and the fact that I highlighted certain aspects of the website although some thought it was a cheap shot at the members which it was not.
The RPSL is an august and good body of people practising their expertise for the benefit of others, its Royal Patronage alone justifies its inclusion here (being a supporter of the monarchy myself) but why oh why is it not promoting itself.
The whole point of my article or post was that did this appeal to newcomers and all members of society in other words be inclusive.
We all want Philately to do well and expand therefore may I be as bold as to suggest 

1. The social media links are made slightly smaller and placed on the opening page.
2. Donate is changed to "Support Us"
3. A scrolling Philately news feed (could be Twitter or any gatherer of the societies choice) is placed on the opening page to catch the eye.
4. The library image should be of the library only no people or if people how about some under 18's of all creeds.
5. A membership block on the opening page.
6. A youth section with its own block on the opening page.
7. Keep all Her Majesty's pictures prominent where they are she is an important link to the past, present and future of the society.
8. The dress code is fine for meetings how about some people practicing the hobby in a more relaxed way.
9. Be able to fill in a sponsored membership form online and get a response in a month not three months then pay your fee online.

As stated above these are only my thoughts for attracting more people into the fold. I have also taken into account that the RPSL is a charity with Royal Patronage but I believe none of the above break any rules legal or otherwise.

I should also add that I am an old curmudgeon of 65years (just ask my partner) but my grandchildren are pushing me into the digital era and I have woken up and realised it is the way to go.

As before all reasoned and pleasant comments I will try and respond to.


  1. I don't know but for me, it sounds like its making a lot of sense.

  2. Thank you Sylvain I hope some take notice, if they don't I have tried. Mind you that is not to say I will give up on pushing them to adopt a more modern approach if I can without losing their remit and quality.

    Regards Peter


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