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Thursday, 16 April 2020

Firstly find a series 2

Originally I was going to post the following text but as can be seen from the previous post below I got distracted by the summons incident.
So returning to the original theme I have decided to approach two themes to collect stamps in which relate to hobbies that I already have a interest in, these being Military Uniforms and Railways.
The military uniforms comes from my Napoleonic Wargames hobby and the Railways from my existing interest in British and Continental Rail.

I will be opening new albums for these collections tonight and will hopefully update you to the progress of these as this blog continues.

Unfortunately all this work may be undone by my next planned post on here which covers some contentious points to do with the hobby seen from a newcomers point of view. But this article may create some necessary discussion into how to get people of all ages interested in this great pastime.

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