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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Stamp hinges

I wonder what the percentages are for collectors using

1. Stock books

2. Albums with hinges

3. Albums with purpose built printed pages.

One of the reasons I am enquiring is that probably up to 75% of my new collections are hinged on various types of albums and loose pages and I want to place these stamps into stock books. I have read various articles on this which range from leaving them hinged to soaking the hinge off which does not sound that good for the stamp to me.
Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments please


  1. 1. If you leave the hinges on, there's a possibility that they will stick to the stockbook page.

    2. For used stamps if the hinges are a peeelable type they will peel off without damaging the stamp. Otherwise they may cause some damage - but try on a cheap stamp first. If heavily hinged, then you may need to soak or use a StampLift type remover.

    3. For mint stamps, ditto, except that you don't want to use any liquid because then of course they cease to be mint because the gum will be damaged.


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