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Friday, 15 May 2020

The Coronavirus effect.

Well who would of thought that a life threatening virus has or would have an effect on society as much as this one. Out of this though has come some really great soul searching and thought provoking ideas that has made the populations who have been attacked take stock and question do we need to do some of the things that make our lives the way it is.

One of the good outcomes is that the human race has had time to revisit their hobbies and pastimes and use social media to develop and promote them. For the subject of Philately this has been a real boost and has proved the pastime is stronger than some of us thought.

Also out of this has come a chance to search for, find and read some really excellent blog sites whether on Blogger, Wordpress or other platforms. There are so many that to list them would take an age but it had crossed my mind that it would be invaluable to have a news sheet available as a downloadable .pdf file that had articles grouped in one place from blogs for the period of each month.
Each article would have its link to the originators article, there would be no comments box or like counter etc.
The initial hurdle would be getting the originators permission to lift the articles and place in the .pdf.

The size in number of pages required would obviously depend on how many articles are available and who finds sites as yet not discovered that would need permissions etc.

Just a thought at present, one document with all the best articles from blogs on it.

I wonder what the response would be ?????


  1. The Newssheet is an interesting thought, but would involve work - and time which might better be devoted to researching and writing.

    Any blog on blogger can have a list of other blogs. You have a list of blogs that you formally follow; I have a list of blogs that may be of interest, including some which are no longer active but which contain interesting articles. The format I choose also shows the title and first few lines of the latest post on a blog to grab attention, and the most recently updated automatically moves to the top.

    But don't ignore the ones left at the foot!

    Anybody who uses a computer and who is really interested can go from yours or mine to the others, and see which ones are also recommended there, and the whole thing will be like a giant web of information.

    Anybody who finds one they particularly want to follow can either formally follow and get email updates for new posts, or simply bookmark it on their browser.

  2. Hi Ian thanks for this. I have several ideas at present and need to whittle them down to one. This is typical behaviour for me and as you say my most urgent task is to concentrate on some specific area of philately and do that well to start with. As I have a fondness for British Commonwealth and the engraving involved I might try and specialise in that area.




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