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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The band Queen issue

Royal mail have issued a commemorative stamp set for the band Queen and for a change I believe to be one of the more worthy and well put together issues for some time.
Good to see John Deacon get some limelight as well he is /was the most underated member of the group.
There are presentation packs, FDC's, sets, coins proofs in fact the full range over on the Royal Mail website.


  1. I was a little disappointed with the actual stamp quality. They didn't go with self-adhesive shaped stamps following on from the Pink Floyd issue. However, the design is good. I shall be using them for postage.

    The main post office in town had a few Queen first class stamps when I went in today to get the Palace of Westminster issue (it was still packed away in the safe).

  2. Thanks for the comment M. The Post Office and its world equivalents are strange places. Royal Mail promotes these issues but the Post Office don't yet the Post Office is a Royal Mail sales counter. This might be only local to me but I don't think so.


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