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Sunday, 8 November 2020

New times and a new project

 As some of you are aware I have been banging the drum so to speak about some philatelic organisations not using modern media to enhance their information or product and get it out there to the masses.

For fear of repeating myself the one thing this pandemic has shown is that there are a mass of stamp collectors out there who want to learn and have been to shy to ask.

I suppose it is wrong to assume that but you don't here about stamp collectors until you have a quiet conversation with someone and the hobby gets mentioned in passing, people do not exactly shout about it.

But as Graham at Exploring Stamps, James Gavin at The Digital Philatelist and Gerard McCulloch at The Punk Philatelist have found there are literally hundreds of stamp collectors out there who were waiting for a programme, blog or You Tube video that allayed their fears and allowed them to contribute and ask those questions that many were reluctant to ask in case of looking stupid.

Now I am a member of a society / circle that studies and collects modern British stamps mainly in the Maychin and stamp booklet area of the hobby. Every new and past issue of modern British stamp (read QE II) is discussed and analysed and such side subjects as security, paper types and all other matters are written about.

I have to be honest when I came back to the hobby in the last year I never knew there was so much to learn about a certain issue of new stamps or all that went into the production of said items.

Now I am hooked and for £9 pounds, yes just nine pounds for a membership fee I have all the information about these issues right back to the early Wildings made available to me. A whole new dimension had opened up and from that I discovered the Deegam Catalogue and far too many other matters to mention here.

Therefore below you will find the links to the characters and societies mentioned above and I request that you explore and discover this new world of information.  Modern British Philatelic Circle also on You Tube at

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